Deerhunter – Helicopter

Bradford Cox in "Helicopter"

Deerhunter’s “Helicopter” is being streamed on their website right now and I strongly suggest you go watch it, or download it, or buy it.

Right now.

Panda Bear and Animal Collective have been a huge influence on Bradford Cox (Halcyon Digest is being mixed and produced by Ben H. Allen who has done a lot of work with AC), but this new song goes so far beyond just a simple “guess the influence” thing.  “Helicopter” is undoubtedly Deerhunter, yet it doesn’t sound like anything they have ever attempted before. Deerhunter has never made anything quite this dreamy and hazy, and this is Deerhunter we’re talking about. Bradford Cox gives a breathtaking vocal performance, and really stretches himself as a singer.  In case its not obvious already, this is one of the very best songs of the year, and it stands as one of the absolute best things Deerhunter have ever recorded.

The song has been released as a music video and follows “Revival” which was the first single off of the un-fucking-believably anticipated new album Halcyon Digest. Much like “Revival” the song contains strong spiritual themes, which  is something new for Cox as a lyricist, along with the usual Deerhunter lyrics about sickness. The song begins with a fragile harpsichord-like synth as Cox sings “Take my hand and pray.” Cox sings of accepting death as helicopters circle an unnamed tragedy. Despite the subject matter Bradford Cox has a wonderful knack for making incredibly sad songs sound uplifting, and “Helicopter’s” wash of gorgeous melodies put a huge smile on my face.

The song eventually moves from fragile to grandiose and by the time Cox is repeating of the final lines, “Now they are through with me” it is clear just how brilliant and powerful a band Deerhunter are and hopefully will continue to be in the new decade.


~ by cheesedog22 on September 10, 2010.

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